Displaying the Accelerometer

Today I spent a couple of minutes to add a read of the accelerometer and display it on the LCD. Not much to this really so I'll just show the code:

high portc 6
pause 100
HSERSETUP B2400_4, %00
hserout 0,(12)
hserout 0,(17)
hserout 0, ("X-Accel: ")
hserout 0, (148)
hserout 0,("Y-Accel: ")

toggle 0

' Read in the ADC values from the Accelerometer
readadc 3,b0 'Reads the X value
readadc 2,b1 'Reads the Y value

' Print X axis Acceleration
hserout 0,(137)
hserout 0,(#b0)

' Print Y axis Acceleration
hserout 0,(157)
hserout 0,(#b1)

pause 1000

And a picture of the setup running:
SBB Image