Moved to a new host

Well my time at Canaca is done. The hosting rates were not that bad - but it really irked me that a Canadian company would charge in US$ and then fix the exchange rate at 1.3 to get back to CAD$.

So, to save my CAD$36 in exchange rate premiums I moved this site over to Site5 and piggy-backed it onto another Drupal site I already had there.

I learned a couple of things about Drupal multi-site setups during the process. All told it was probably the most expensive $36 I've ever saved - but getting ripped off just bugs me. It's not just the money, it's knowing I'm getting ripped off and being forced to do it any ways.

If you ever find yourself doing something similar, here's an overview:
Make a note of what version of Drupal you're running. Check
Make sure your new host is running at least the same version, if not it's probably time to upgrade the Drupal installation.
Backup your 'sites' directory along with the drupal database from your current provider.
Create a new database at your new provider. If you can keep the database, database user and password the same, great! If you can't then you'll need to your sites settings.php later.
Log into your new provider.
Change directory to /sites
Restore your sites directory from the backup you made, but this time put it into /sites/
If you changed the database name you'll need to change this line:
$db_url = 'mysqli://DrupalUser:DrupalPassword@localhost/DatabaseName';
If your new host is running a newer version of Drupal, you may want to go to to perform the update tasks.
That's pretty much it.