Kit Build: Velleman P8055-1

We recently went to Australia for a vacation. One place that I found was Jaycar Electronics. Wonderful shop full of kits and assorted electronic bits. Kind of like Radio Shack in Canada used to be back in the day.

I found a souvenir in the form of a USB Experimenters Kit.

I just finished the build - pretty painless really. It took me two hours or so of slow & steady progress. When I was finished it worked first time ... nice feeling, I usually screw something up but it looks like I got lucky this time.

One minor annoyance was that the LED orientation was not as clear as it could have been. How about adding '+' to the silk-screen? If it helps anyone, LD1 thru LD8 have positive (long-leg) towards the resistor.

The resulting board is great for driving analog and digital outputs from your computer. This is very handy when you're working on another project and need to setup specific input conditions or test for your projects output.