First project with GEDA & PCB

I've just sent out my PCB design to get some prototype boards manufactured. I thought I'd share both the designs and the process with you.
Current state: 2012.05.04 Rev 1.1 boards waiting to be manufactured

I have no formal electronics design training so for those of you that do ... sorry:)

Project Overview:
Create an Arduino based 32 channel LED controller.
I don't know much about LED Driver chips so on the strength of a recommendation from a local hackerspace member I'm using 2 TLC5940 driver chips controlled by an ardweeny.

Design goals:
Small, simple & cheap. Each channel individually controllable.

Software suite:
gEDA gschem version 1.6..1.20100214
gEDA pcb version 20110918

I compiled pcb myself because I needed a version that allowed embedding of an outline into an existing layer. This was the first version I was aware of with that feature, but this version was not available in the Ubuntu repository.

I used gschem to create LEDLeaf.sch (below).
Then you can use xsch2pcb or command line:
gsch2pcb LEDLeafv2.sch -d /home/jardine/GEDA/footprints
Then use pcb to do the layout resulting in D50374.pcb
To get the PCB fab'd (at Seeedstudio) I exported the design to Gerber and changed the *gbr files to match their naming convention.

PCB PNG image export