Fixing Date import errors in F-Spot

I went to DEFCON XVII. Of course I took a camera, but screwed up and didn't set the date/time. I snapped a couple of hundred pictures, imported them into F-Spot and later realized that they were dated in 2005! Doh! Here is how I reset them to the correct values.

Moving photos managed by F-Spot

Do you use F-Spot? At some point you'll want to move all those photos to a different drive or directory. When you do, you'll want F-Spot to keep track of them in their new home.

Ardupilot basics

Ok - been playing with a few toys, the latest being the ArduPilot

Moved to a new host

Well my time at Canaca is done. The hosting rates were not that bad - but it really irked me that a Canadian company would charge in US$ and then fix the exchange rate at 1.3 to get back to CAD$.

BlueTooth tethering Ubuntu 9.04 to a Rogers N95

I finally took the time to figure out how to tether my laptop to my phone. Yeah - I know, lots of people have done this but I couldn't find a straight forward walk through for my scenario.

You can find the walk-through here: BlueTooth tethering Ubuntu 9.04 to a Rogers N95

Displaying the Accelerometer

Today I spent a couple of minutes to add a read of the accelerometer and display it on the LCD. Not much to this really, code and pretty picture here: Displaying the Accelerometer

Getting back in the saddle with my PIC and related toys

I'd read several articles that referenced data logging for model rocketry which I found really cool and interesting. I thought: Hey - I've got some accelerometers, PIC micros and other assorted uC detritus - I can do this!

I went to my electronics bench noted the dust on everything - I need to spend more time here!. I grabbed one of my PIC development boards and a 2D accelerometer (DE-ACCM2G).

You can read more here Getting back in the saddle with my PIC and related toys

COSSFest 2009

Well it's now Monday after COSSFEST - all the hard work of everyone involved went towards an event with some excellent presentations!

The details are here: COSSFest 2009

Re-purposing the ALIX.2c3

I work in telecom, from home mostly, and found myself needing to put 3 switches and 3 routers into their own class C network. This network had to be available remotes for my co-workers use.

The only thing I had on hand to do this with was the Alix so I installed OpenVPN on it.

The details are here: Re-purposing the ALIX.2c3

Holy crap are colour laser consumables expensive

Did some research into getting a new Linux compatible colour laser printer. The criteria were:

  • Price had to be under CAD$1,000.00
  • Had to be supported "Perfectly" under Linux
  • Preference given to lower operating costs
  • Preference given to printers with built-in duplex

The results are over here:
Holy crap are colour laser consumables expensive

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