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Server at web host 1&1 Ionos decides to take unscheduled day off, sinks a bunch of sites

TheRegister - 4 hours 37 min ago
Meanwhile, customers complain of complete comms shutdown

Customers of web host 1&1 Ionos are complaining of a lack of communication after the company suffered a day-long server outage that pulled some websites offline.…

Huawei thanks US for 'raising 5G awareness' by banning firm's wares

TheRegister - 4 hours 51 min ago
It's like talking to my children, sighs marketing bigwig

Huawei top brass took to the stage in Shenzhen this week to insist that everything was fine and dandy in the company's world, despite the shrieking from US lawmakers.…

Disco Dingo fever: Ubuntu 19.04 has an infrastructure bent, snappier GNOME and another stupid name

LXer - 4 hours 53 min ago
New Linux kernel, new build. Pull on those flares and perch atop your most precipitous platforms – Canonical has emitted Ubuntu 19.04, aka "Disco Dingo", with its sights set firmly on infrastructure.…

Astronomers Have Spotted the Universe's First Molecule

Slashdot - 4 hours 59 min ago
Astronomers have detected the universe's first molecule. "Helium hydride (HeH), a combination of helium and hydrogen, was spotted some 3000 light-years from Earth by an instrument aboard the airborne Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA), a telescope built into a converted 747 jet that flies above the opaque parts of Earth's atmosphere," reports Science Magazine. The findings have been reported in the journal Nature. From the report: HeH has long been thought to mark the "dawn of chemistry," as the remnants of the big bang cooled to about 4000 K and ions began to team up with electrons to form neutral atoms. Researchers believe that in that primordial gas, neutral helium reacted with hydrogen ions to form the first chemical bond joining the very first molecule. In 1925, chemists synthesized HeH in the lab. In the 1970s, theorists predicted that the molecule may exist today, most likely formed anew in planetary nebulae, clouds of gas ejected by dying sunlike stars. But decades of observations failed to find any, casting doubts on the theory. To find the elusive molecule, astrochemists search for characteristic frequencies of light it emits, particularly a spectral line in the far infrared typically blocked by Earth's atmosphere. But a far-infrared spectrometer aboard SOFIA allowed them to find that signature for the first time, in a planetary nebula called NGC 7027, the researchers report today in Nature. The result shows this unlikely molecule -- involving typically unreactive helium -- can be created in space. With this cornerstone confirmed, it appears that the evolution of the following 13 billion years of chemistry stands on firmer ground.

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Disco Dingo fever: Ubuntu 19.04 has an infrastructure bent, snappier GNOME and another stupid name

TheRegister - 5 hours 22 min ago
New Linux kernel, new build

Pull on those flares and perch atop your most precipitous platforms – Canonical has emitted Ubuntu 19.04, aka "Disco Dingo", with its sights set firmly on infrastructure.…

We can help you get on top of DevOps, CI/CD and containers, all in one month's time...

TheRegister - 5 hours 37 min ago
Just weeks to go until Continuous Lifecycle London 2019 opens its doors

Events We’ll be opening the doors at Continuous Lifecycle in less than one month, and we really want you to join us to discuss containers, DevOps, Continuous Delivery and much, much more.…

Google hits brand slam stamping AMP with more crypto glam

TheRegister - 6 hours 56 min ago
All your URLs are belong to us

On Tuesday Google renovated its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) web publishing format, making it more secure with less Chocolate Factory branding – a change certain to be welcomed by publishers committed to AMP.…

How to install Stacer System Monitor on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

LXer - 6 hours 57 min ago
Stacer is an open source tool to monitor the performance of an Ubuntu Desktop. It provides a user-friendly dashboard that can be used to monitor CPU, Memory & Disk Usage, and System cleaner to clean system caches.

Microsoft debuts Bosque – a new programming language with no loops, inspired by TypeScript

TheRegister - 7 hours 55 min ago
Here's that regularized programming you wanted. Bish, bash, er, Bosque

Interview Microsoft has introduced a new open source programming language called Bosque that aspires to be simple and easy to understand by embracing algebraic operations and shunning techniques that create complexity.…

Planet's Ocean-Plastics Problem Detailed In 60-Year Data Set

Slashdot - 7 hours 59 min ago
Scientists have uncovered the first strong evidence that the amount of plastic polluting the oceans has risen vastly in recent decades -- by analyzing 60 years of log books for plankton-tracking vessels. Nature reports: Data recorded by instruments known as continuous plankton recorders (CPRs) -- which ships have collectively towed millions of kilometres across the Atlantic Ocean -- show that the trackers have become entangled in large plastic objects, such as bags and fishing lines, roughly three times more often since 2000 than in preceding decades. This is the first time that researchers have demonstrated the rise in ocean plastics using a single, long-term data set, says Erik van Sebille, an oceanographer at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. "I'm excited that this has been finally done," he says. The analysis was published on 16 April in Nature Communications. Van Sebille says that because the study focused on large plastic items, it doesn't reveal much about the quantity of microplastics -- fragments fewer than 5 millimetres long -- in the oceans. These tiny contaminants come from sources such as disposable plastic packaging, rather than from fishing gear. Nevertheless, he adds, the study demonstrates that fisheries play a major part in plastic pollution, and will provide useful baseline data for tracking whether policy changes affect the levels of plastic in the oceans. "As fisheries become more professional, especially in the North Sea, hopefully we might see a decrease," he says.

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Introduction to Quantum Computing

LXer - 8 hours 11 min ago
This article, which builds on a basic knowledge of the mathematics of vectors, gives an introduction to quantum computing.

Surprising absolutely no one at all, Samsung's folding-screen phones knackered within days

TheRegister - 8 hours 55 min ago
Breaking news: Hacks hacked off by Galaxy Fold fail (at least the mobes haven't caught fire)

Samsung’s space-age Galaxy Fold smartphones, which you can fold in half to pop in your pocket, are cracking up after just a few days of use.…

AI chip design combines up to six Linux-driven MIPS Open cores with TensorFlow engine

LXer - 9 hours 26 min ago
Wave Computing’s “TritonAI 64” IP for edge inferencing enables SoCs with up to 6x open-ISA MIPS-64 cores (with SIMD) running Google TensorFlow on a Debian stack plus WaveTensor and WaveFlow technologies for up to 8 TOPS/watt neural processing. Earlier this month, Wave Computing released its first open source MIPS ISA without license fees or royalties, […]

Facebook is Working on a Voice Assistant To Rival Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri, Report Says

Slashdot - 9 hours 29 min ago
Facebook is working on a voice assistant to rival the likes of Amazon's Alexa, Apple's Siri and the Google Assistant, CNBC reported Wednesday, citing people familiar with the matter. From the report: The tech company has been working on this new initiative since early 2018. The effort is coming out of the company's augmented reality and virtual reality group, a division that works on hardware, including the company's virtual reality Oculus headsets. A team based out of Redmond, Washington, has been spearheading the effort to build the new AI assistant, according to two former Facebook employees who left the company in recent months. The effort is being lead by Ira Snyder, director of AR/VR and Facebook Assistant. That team has been contacting vendors in the smart speaker supply chain, according to two people familiar. It's unclear how exactly Facebook envisions people using the assistant, but it could potentially be used on the company's Portal video chat smart speakers, the Oculus headsets or other future projects.

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Inter-process communication in Linux: Sockets and signals

LXer - 10 hours 40 min ago
This is the third and final article in a series about interprocess communication (IPC) in Linux. The first article focused on IPC through shared storage (files and memory segments), and the second article does the same for basic channels: pipes (named and unnamed) and message queues.read more

Why the Swiss Still Love Cash

Slashdot - Wed, 04/17/2019 - 21:30
gollum123 shares a report from the BBC: Last month, the Swiss unveiled a smart new banknote to stash in their wallets. The purple 1,000 franc bill was the latest in the Swiss National Bank (SNB) series to undergo a revamp. But this revamp comes as other nations are phasing out their high-value notes and as cash usage declines in European nations, albeit at greatly differing rates. In Switzerland, cash remains the dominant payment method. Here, there's an assumption everyone carries cash, even in an increasingly digital economy. Most don't get caught out buying a sandwich or paying for a haircut when the card payment machine is out of order. If you have to pay for a coffee with a 100 franc note, no need to apologize -- no one will ask if you have something smaller. And for those big-ticket items, some banks even allow you to withdraw up to 5,000 francs per day (or 10,000 a month) at the cash machine without advance notice. Buying a car that costs tens of thousands with cash is also not that unusual. Why then do the Swiss prefer cash? Two simple reasons are that cash is widely considered to be part of their culture and people believe that using it allows them to track their spending more easily. In Basel, 53-year-old Chris Troiani confirmed this, saying many people she knows still prefer the reassurance of carrying big bills in their wallet. There's also the identity factor: the Swiss identify with cash in part because of how they see themselves. This is a nation which values privacy and doesn't like being told what to do. They see themselves as different to their European neighbors and closely guard those traditions which set them apart, such as languages, political system and currency.

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View Detailed Laptop Battery Report on Ubuntu

LXer - Wed, 04/17/2019 - 21:04
In this article, we will explain how to get a detailed laptop’s battery report through the Ubuntu graphical user interface and trough the Ubuntu command line.

VirtualBox 6.0.6 Released with Support for Linux 5.0 and Linux 5.1 Kernels

LXer - Wed, 04/17/2019 - 19:50
Oracle released the third maintenance update in the latest VirtualBox 6.0 series to address multiple issues and add support for new technologies.

Facebook 'Unintentionally Uploaded' Email Contacts From 1.5M Users

Slashdot - Wed, 04/17/2019 - 19:41
Facebook "unintentionally" harvested the email contacts of about 1.5 million of its users during the past three years. From a report: The activity came to light when a security researcher noticed that Facebook was asking users to enter their email passwords to verify their identities when signing up for an account, according to Business Insider, which previously reported on the practice. Those who did enter their passwords then saw a pop-up message that said it was "importing" their contacts -- without first asking permission, BI reported. A Facebook spokesperson confirmed that 1.5 million people's contacts were collected in this manner since May 2016 to help build Facebook's web of social connections and recommend other users to add as friends.

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Hey criminals, need a getaway vehicle? There's an app for that... Car share tool halts ops amid crime wave, arrests

TheRegister - Wed, 04/17/2019 - 18:58
You wouldn't download a car – oh actually...

The maker of a car-hire smartphone app has temporarily halted its service in Chicago after dozens of its vehicles were stolen.…

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